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1. What is the shortest hire duration which can be offered for a rental DG set ?
Ans: We are long term hiring company giving generators on hire .Generally a minimum duration of one year is offered for soundproof acoustic generators. However for specific requirements, shorter duration can be considered.Mobile acoustic generators can be given for daily basis also.


2 . What is the lead time required for deploying a rental DG set ?
Ans: It depends upon the rating and scope of supply, Generally a smaller rating set can be deployed 
immediately, within few hours while a higher capacity set may take few days upto a weeks time.


3. Can I enhance/reduce the DG set rating during the contract period ?
Ans: Yes this can be done on mutually agreed terms with short notice


4. What statutory approvals are required for operating a rental DG set and who obtains them ?
Ans: Generally for DG set operation, guidelines of state  electrical inspectorate and pollution control board are to be followed, Approvals to be required to be obtained by end users, BPC can provide complete support and assistance in this regard including liaison support as per customer need


5. Do you provide operators to ensure a smooth run of a Rental DG set ?
Ans: Our Generators are of all simple switch key electric start operation and do not need any separate operator .Our engineers will be taking care of the maintenance on regular basis.However,if the customer wants an operator,that can be provided as optional..In the case of AMF generator rentals, the sets work automatically under our maintenance care


6. Who will carry out the installation of a Rental DG set at customer location ?
Ans: The basic installation is normally carried out by us at free of charges. If a customer is to carry out the installation, we will be providing specification, supervision and guidelines


7. What support is required from customer at site ?
Ans: A suitable room or temporary shed with sufficient ventilation and proper foundation is required for installation the DG set. Separate room is not required in case of acoustic sound proof gensets.


8. Who will provide service for the generators given on hire ?
Ans: We will provide service to genset 365 days ,on 24/7 basis


9. What steps you will take in case of problems
Ans:Without wasting any time we will reach the spot immediately and try to sort out the technical problem,as soon as possible. If the repair demands more time we will connect a mobile DG set for emergency standby and take up the service


10. Can we use your own Technician/supervisory staff for the smooth operation of the DG set ?
Ans: Qualified/Trained personnel, if available can be used in consultation with us. We can even train your people free of charge and they can work under our supervision/co-ordination


11. Can we use lubricant from our stock ?
Ans: Lubricant oil has to be the quality, type and brand specified by us. We normally provide lub oil and the charge the customer at actual buying cost to avoid mixing up with of the different brands


12. Can BPC supply diesel fuel for operation of the rental DG set?
Generally fuel has to be supplied by the customer. However,we can also do that on mutually agreed rate 
and charge you on hourly basis to make things easy for you.The number of hours will be automatically recorder in the tamper proof hour meter


13. Is it possible to supply customized control panel for our specific requirement?
Ans: Customized control panels and AMF panels can be provided with rental DG sets for tenures of one year and above or as mutually decided.


14.Can I terminate the generator rental contract before completion of the contract term?
Ans: Generally an agreement is signed and the rates are worked out for a prefixed contract period. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, the customer can terminate the contract by paying 50% of the balance period hiring charges.


15.Can you assess the capacity of the required genset ?
Ans. We can do that free of charges and suggest you methods to save you on costing


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"BPC  has decided to expand by 200% in the coming two years by adding more soundproof  acoustic generators on hire concentrating more on the insurance ,logistics and banking sector."

"BPC  has decided to expand by 200% in the coming two years by adding more soundproof  acoustic generators on hire concentrating more on the insurance ,logistics and banking sector."


The e- Commerce giant  Amazon signed up with us for power rentals for their Bangalore operations.



"We are with BPC for the last 4 years continuously renewing the contract for generator hiring.Our management is extremely happy with their service and response time and just renewed it for another term

Rehaman Nadaf, Facility Head(Electricals),ABBs

"We are enjoying the generator rental services from BPC POWER RENTALS since the year 2000 and they have never let us down.Their response quickness and efficient placing of gensets is very good.GPRS-GPS based tracking and monitoring of their generators gives us transparency"
Ishwar, Citibank,Bangalore

"We are happy with their always alert attitude and the approach of being part of the solution always.We initially wanted to purchase the DG set and settled for long term rentals based on a recommendation from our friend who have been using BPC rental services"
Boniface, Shadeflex,Bangalore

"Rushing soundproof mobile generators in case if any problems in our hiring genset is seems to be their USP.We are happy and now ordering one more. for our new facility"
Ambareesh ICICI Securities